Prismatik Teams

Nail innovation with impactful, high performance teams.

Delivering new technology in a challenging, ever-changing world is no mean feat.

Tired of one size fits all? The right team, built just for you.

What if you could embed an impactful, experienced and purpose-built team with your in-house crew, without the risk and uncertainty of recruiting across multiple roles and requirements?

Your technology projects mean something to you. The team delivering your vision should be as motivated, passionate and invested as you are.

Empower your technology delivery

A Prismatik Team is a flexible, efficient and reliable way to bring in the proven technologists that you need, whatever the technical specialty.

Each team member is a champion of their trade – with the know-how, insight and drive to meet the complex and creative demands of your project. And maybe even exceed them.

Just as importantly, they also have the enthusiasm, acumen and communication skills to keep all of your stakeholders informed and inspired. They are consultants within your business, each capable of spotting opportunities, improving workflow and delivering great results. Prismatik Teams are empowered to…

Create as well as build
Speak up as well as serve
Develop culture as well as code
Imagine beyond the brief

Teams are employed by Prismatik, so we don’t disappear once the hiring is done. We stay involved to support you every step of the way, managing and adapting the composition of the team as your needs and projects evolve.

Prismatik in Action

“Prismatik has a confluence of deep technical expertise and experience, the things that are sold to you that the team will be able to do, on occasions, they not only have been able to do that, but exceed my expectations."

Michelle Duval, Founder, Fingerprint For Success

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