Product innovation that actually works

Define, develop, test and validate your ideas with our battle-tested methodologies, built to give your projects and products greater certainty of success.

From idea to market

Whether you’re launching new products and features or exploring entire new business models, Prismatik Labs can provide the agility and speed-to-market of a startup with the rigour and scale of an established business.

We can help you clearly define your problem statement, identify customer pain points and test your hypothesis to help you find the best product-market fit and achieve MVP sooner.

Every step of the way, your product development team can draw upon our support to identify opportunities, navigate pitfalls and validate ideas.

Prismatik Labs can redefine and enhance your innovation culture with the expertise to invent as well as the capability to deliver.

Design Thinking Services

Customer research and testing
MVP development and lean product
(CX/UX/UI) design
Digital transformation strategy
Venture architecture
Agile product management

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