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Innovation is driven by people over process; knowledge over technology.

Prismatik helps companies like yours transform into people-powered innovation centres, developing complex goals and ideas into digital reality.



Deliver faster and more effectively by bringing in a flexible, purpose-built Prismatik Team of highly motivated digital champions to work alongside your in-house crew.

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Innovation can be hard to deliver. An entrepreneurial and agile mindset can help move things along quicker. From idea validation to production, we deliver all phases of the innovation cycle.

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To find the solution, first understand the problem. We can help you to understand the challenges facing your business, as well as develop and implement effective solutions.

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Working alongside your talent team and recruitment partners, we will transform your business into a magnet for the best candidates and help you to source, hire and onboard effectively.

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Excellence “as-a-service”

Where people and technology meet

Simply put: Technology is a journey of discovery. And every journey relies on good navigators

To find the innovation navigators within your business may mean overcoming various systemic issues to nurture a more creative corporate culture, attract proven talent and deliver digital excellence.

Working with Prismatik is an investment in the digital capabilities of your business, so you can achieve a faster return on innovation.


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Engagements Delivered


“You cannot have a successful business without the right talent, and we have had a 100% success rate with Prismatik, in hiring the right candidate for us.”

Georgie Drury, Founder, Springday


“Prismatik has a confluence of deep technical expertise and experience, the things that are sold to you that the team will be able to do, on occasions, they not only have been able to do that, but exceed my expectations."

Michelle Duval, Founder, Fingerprint For Success


“Prismatik was able to reach out to their network and bring us a team that could work on site with us, increase our capability and improve the way we delivered work within a few short months.”

Carl Woodward: Group Manager, Engineering – Scentre Group

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