Attract and retain outstanding digital talent

The only competitive advantage that matters in an innovation economy is your ability to acquire and retain exceptional talent to imagine, design and deliver your digital ambitions.

The demand for experienced digital talent – with the equally valuable soft skills to match – has never been higher. And the best people can afford to say no if your workplace culture doesn’t feel like the right fit for them.

Our Talent team works alongside your internal team and recruitment partners to transform your business into a magnet for the best technical and digital practitioners, while working with you to continuously improve your processes and pipeline.

From workplace to talent pool

First impressions matter. Don’t lose great candidates to poor recruitment processes that send all the wrong messages about your workplace culture. We can help refine your recruitment processes to find, hire and retain candidates who love what they do, not just their paycheck.

Company health check

A full audit of HR processes and requirements to identify and benchmark opportunities to improve – such as churn rate, culture and recruitment costs.

HR software and tools

Legacy systems and inflexible practices can be frustrating for candidates – particularly for dev talent looking for a tech-forward employer.

Talent pool development

Cultivate a contingent workforce of specialised talent to work flexibly alongside your in-house team as projects evolve and requirements change.


Reduce the admin burden by automating routine tasks and free up time for your valuable talent to focus on what they do best.

Interviews and onboarding

Recruiting specialised roles requires a specialised interview and onboarding process. Assess candidates accurately and onboard them faster.

Reputation management

Your social presence and ratings can give candidates an impression of what it’s like to work with you. What do people say about your company online?

Market knowledge

Is your pay offer competitive enough? Which talent will help you stay ahead of future trends? We can be your guide to the evolving digital market.

Staff engagement strategy

We can help create a workplace culture that engages, enthuses and empowers new employees from their first day on the team.

Prismatik in Action

“You cannot have a successful business without the right talent, and we have had a 100% success rate with Prismatik, in hiring the right candidate for us.”

Georgie Drury, Founder, Springday

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