Local Innovator #3 - Jonathan Shaw

Adriana Belotti
February 16, 2021

Prismatik is proud to present the Local Innovator Series featuring interviews with local entrepreneurs sharing the experiences and lessons collected throughout their founder journeys.

In the series third and last interview, we will get to know Jon Shaw, co-founder and CEO of Moneysoft.  

Jon has built his career inventing, producing and selling software solutions, navigating global markets and a diverse range of industries.

He joined Moneysoft as a co-founder and Director in 2012, prior to which he spent 8 years with IBM in International Business Development and technical sales.

Jon holds a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering and an MBA in Technology Management and has great passion for technology and its limitless possibility to change the way we do business and interact.

Tung Nguyen, Director of Innovation at Linkgroup, and former Head of Innovation at Prismatik, will bring his years of experience in implementing innovation programs for clients of all sizes, from startups to big corporates.

This will be a in person event hosted at Laneway Education. Limited capacity due to COVID-19 restriction, book your ticket today!

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