Delta Summit in Malta — Australian delegation details

Rob Morris
October 3, 2018

We are pleased to be in Malta this week with a group of Australians, attending the inaugural Delta Summit — Malta’s official Blockchain & Digital Innovation event.

Below is a list of some of the people in the delegation, with some more information about each of them.

If you’d like more information, or would like to arrange to connect with any members of the delegation, please contact Adriana Belotti, Penny Wong or Rob Morris.


Adriana Belotti

As a marketing consultant, Adriana guides blockchain startups in launching their marketing efforts, with emphasis in digital strategies and community development. Passionate about technology, cryptocurrencies and creating supportive communities, focusing on positive outcomes and continuous learning.

Adriana co-hosts two of the largest meetups Australia, Blockchain Professionals and BitcoinSYD, launched in 2013. Recently, she created the Blockchain Pro Podcast, a short bi-monthly podcast that talks to people that have made the switch to work in crypto and their journey with the mission of inspiring great people to quit their jobs to work in the crypto space.


Lucy Lin
Founder & CEO

Forestlyn advises founders and delivers a personalised and dedicated imbedded marketing and advisory service for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Token Generation Events (TGEs), Security Token Offerings (STOs), cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Forestlyn is the creation of founder Lucy Lin, a blockchain marketing leader who has worked on multiple blockchain projects, raising more than $60 million in investment. Prior to blockchain, Lucy has over 15 years marketing experience in corporations (American Express, Qantas Airways, HERE Technologies), start-ups, and founded an award-winning mobile app.


Stevie Ghiassi
Founder & CEO

Designed for the $1 trillion global legal industry, the Legaler blockchain and developer tools provide the infrastructure to easily build secure and scalable decentralised applications for legal services without the need for intermediaries.

Stevie Ghiassi is the CEO and co-founder of Legaler, an Australian company focused on advancing the delivery of legal services and expanding access to justice through blockchain technology. He is also the host of the LegalMeets podcast, showcasing global legal industry thought leaders and President of ALTA — Australian Legal Technology Association


Rob Morris
Founder & CEO

Prismatik is a technology consultancy that provides general technology consultancy services and works with corporates, growth-stage startups and innovators to build and run impactful, high-performing technology teams. We advise a range of Australian blockchain projects, including CanYa, Autonomous, 8x Protocol and Paasifica.

Rob Morris is an Australian technologist, entrepreneur, angel investor & startup advisor with decades of experience building tech products & startups, and a long-running interest in cryptography and blockchain technologies.


Adam Samuel

PUML will help you own & protect your health & fitness data. This data is going to become an increasingly valuable asset in the future. PUML will help you monetise this data on an opt in basis, by facilitating value exchange, through activity challenge completion and earned rewards.

Adam Samuel is the Co-Founder, Co-CEO/COO of PUML. He is a seasoned Entrepreneur, with a background in online marketing to drive traffic and sales.


Penny Wong
Co-Founder and Director

Radmis is an AI focused technology consulting and software company helping clients deliver digital projects and opportunities driven by emerging technologies.

Penny is the intersection between a Futurist, Technologist, Humanitarian & Entrepreneur, with a personal lifetime mission to deliver AI to help transform AgedCare.

Satoshi’s Marketplace

Jeff Yew

Satoshi’s Marketplace is a online marketplace(like eBay) that connects everyday businesses with cryptocurrency users. We are currently still in the initialisation stage and we hope to launch at the end of this year.

Jeff Yew’s is a final year student at The University of Queensland. I have been a huge Bitcoin geek since 2013 and have a strong passion in the technology.


Caleb Yeoh
Co-founder and CEO

TravelbyBit is a blockchain travel company and payment platform that offers booking services and point-of-sale solutions for travellers using digital currency.

Caleb Yeoh is an avid kitesurfer who travels the world with crypto looking for the best winds and kiting conditions. He is passionate about opening up the world to digital currency travel.


Dr James Jansson
Lead Researcher and CEO

XCredits is building a highly-scalable blockchain using a new sharding algorithm. The XCredits platform is built for the web first, allowing end users to mine safely from their browser, and allowing applications to be built on the well-established NodeJS Express server platform. To date, we have released our white-paper on private transactions (XSPOCT) and, a peer-to-peer file transfer system which works in the browser.

Dr James Jansson is the Lead Research and CEO of XCredits. He has a PhD in the mathematical modelling of HIV. James is also the CEO of Tapview (est 2015), a media micropayments company that provided the payment system for 2 titles at a major Australian publisher and created a video platform, TapviewTV.

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