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Why are we here?

We believe that there’s a better way. A better way to innovate, a better way to solve business problems with technology, a better way to engage the best people in an environment that they love and can be productive in.

How can we help?

We solve the most complicated business problems for companies in effective ways through technology and design.
We love doing this, and thats why we exist – to enable your digital transformation.

When the results matter.

We are Prismatik, a technology partner who takes the time to deeply understand your business and turn your vision into a reality. We leverage design thinking practices to map out your business, market and user needs in order to build the best possible product or service. We work collaboratively to design great technology solutions to the real challenges your business faces.

We create an exceptional working environment to attract the very best business, product and technical talent. Technology is hard. When the result matters, nothing compares to an elite, motivated team in a productive environment.

What we can help you achieve

Digital strategy and transformation programmes | Elite development and technical consultancy | Digital product & service design | CX, UX & UI Design | Systems design and solutions architecture | Solve hard problems

If you’re a large corporate, small to medium business or funded start-up, there’s three main ways we can help.

Many businesses come to us when their digital products or services aren’t working, from a design or technical perspective, and we get things back on track.

We are often called in when a project is running behind, running into trouble, or running around in circles, to help get things back on track.

We design and build disruptive digital products and services, using cutting-edge technology, lean principals and a ‘right tool for the job’ philosophy, so we aren’t restricted to particular technologies or slow, outdated approaches.

Our team love technology and are keenly motivated to drive real business outcomes.

We solve business problems first, then use technology to deliver the solution. A clear technology strategy is essential to ensure this happens successfully.

Our team will work with you to create and map your digital strategy, defining the outcomes that will help your business grow and succeed in the digital age.

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Many of our customers value our insights.

Our team are passionate about their craft and we regularly share our thoughts and insights into business, technology, product design and culture. For the latest from our developers and tech leaders

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