The story of Sydney's first Blockchain Hub

Adriana Belotti
May 20, 2019

🚀 The TSL Blockchain Hub has re-launched early last month at Tank Stream Lab’s York Street address and amidst the excitement, we wanted to share a bit of the story behind the hub and how it came to be.

(Photo: Michael Bacina, George Samman, Brenda Saveluc, Luke Anderson -and Leah Callon-Buttler, out of frame- discussing this years trends at the Hub’s Relaunch last month.)

Last year, at the start of the bear market Rob Morristhought it’d be cool to offer free, casual access to co-working desks, in a way that would help both solopreneurs and blockchain teams visiting Sydney to connect with local community. 👌

Rob got in touch with Kelsie Nabben, Bradley Delamareand I and we met up to share ideas and figure out what TSL could offer in order to help nurture Sydney’s blockchain scene alongside the existing community efforts.

The result of that meeting was the idea to was to create a space that would combine the free desks with talks to help foster the community discussions, that are of utmost importance for the growth of a peer to peer technology.


TSL offered to extend the partnership and host the monthly Blockchain Professionals meetups at Tank Stream Labs, furthering their commitment to support the growth of the local community.

And so the hub was born! ⚡

(Photo: Rob Morris, Adriana Belotti and Bradley Delamare discussing the importance of have a free space available for the community at the first TSL Blockchain Hub launch in May 2018.)

Supporting the Hub

Prismatik has sponsored a desk from the very beginning, and still is a strong supporter. As a result of working on the hub with Rob, I am now Prismatik’s Marketing and Community Supernode, and part of my daily activities is to ensure that TSL staff had the support they need to keep the hub ops going smoothly 🙌

EY has come on board with the relaunch as a desk sponsor and currently only one desk is available for sponsorship.

Sponsoring a desk at the hub offers a great marketing opportunity in having your brand be a part of the community and get seen by locals and international visitors alike. Not to mention the social media shout outs!

If you’d like to sponsor a desk, you can enquire via the hub sign up form.

Relocation feedback has been great so far. For example, I got this message after the re-launch last month: “The hub is an amazing thing. I’m not sure how much interest you have had, but we really appreciate having this available. 🙏 Thank you!” — Ross, Blockchain Professionals member.

Awwwww… You’re welcome! We love this community and we want to help.

Using the Hub

To book a desk, sign up at the Tank Stream Labs’ website.

Once your form is received, the team will grant you access to the booking system. Desks can be booked in 3-hour slots for the time being. So easy!

Let us know when you’re there and we’ll pop around to say hi.

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