Local Innovator Series #2 - Lana Hopkins

Adriana Belotti
October 21, 2020
Local Innovator Series with Lana Hopkins and Rob Morris
Local Innovator Series #2 with Lana Hopkins and Rob Morris

In the series second interview, we will get to know Lana Hopkins, a startup advisor and most recently, co-founder of AiR. Lana is also the founder of Mon Purse, a "design your own handbag" business launched in 2014.

Lana turned a light-bulb moment into a multi-million dollar business, starting operations from her own kitchen to grow Mon Purse into a reality.

Building a successful DTC brand is no small feat and you can count on a story full of sleepless nights, travel mileage and countless meetings, all backed by her outstanding work ethics.

Lana has stepped down as Mon Purse's CEO in 2018 and is currently building a new business called AiR.

In AiR, Lana is applying her DTC expertise to take brand customisation into the digital world with immersive, real-time brand experiences in the metaverse.

Rob Morris, our wonderful founder and CEO, will be interviewing Lana. (Yay!) Rob brings to the table his expert knowledge in building businesses from developer, founder and investor lenses. Rob is also an advisor for AiR.

This event will be live streamed, book your free ticket today.

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